Future Programs

The Budokan of Los Angeles is a multi-faceted sports complex and will include a vast array of programs at the facility. Modeled after the Nippon Budokan of Tokyo, Japan, the Budokan will host many programs, sports and non-sports alike.  Below is a short list of potential programs:




Basketball: The facility will provide gym space to existing basketball programs in the surrounding neighborhoods, expanding options for tournament and league play. The Budokan will serve as a venue for both adult and youth leagues throughout the year. Additionally, youth basketball programs popular in the Japanese American community have expressed interest in locating practice, league, and tournament play in Little Tokyo.







Volleyball: Japanese American volleyball leagues have experienced resurgence in popularity. The facility welcomes leagues from across the Los Angeles area to rent court time for practices, leagues, and tournament play.


Martial Arts: The Budokan will serve as a premier venue for martial arts in Southern California. Judo, Karate, Aikido, and Kendo groups have expressed interest in using the Budokan for practice sessions and tournaments. Practices will take place throughout the year. Tournaments will likely draw hundreds of participants and spectators to the Budokan and Little Tokyo area.

After School Programs: The Budokan will provide a venue for existing after-school and youth leadership programs for hundreds of low-income youth living in the surrounding areas.


Visual and Performing Arts: The Budokan will serve as a cultural center to promote local artists and art education. Rooms in the facility, including a rooftop terrace, will serve as fantastic new venues for the creation and presentation of local art.


Other Programs and Events: The Budokan will be available for various events and programs. Community groups and local organizations can rent the facility for private events and functions.



What is a Budokan?

Budokan roughly translates as "martial arts hall" in Japanese. The name is derived from the Nippon Budokan, a large arena in Central Tokyo, Japan. The arena was originally constructed for judo competition during the 1964 Summer Olympics, but today serves as a multi-purpose facility that caters to sports, entertainment and other activities. Currently in the United States, there are numerous budokans which serve as multi-purpose centers for martial arts, team sports such as basketball and volleyball, community activities and other special events.

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