Donor Levels


An attractive donor wall will be located prominently in the recreation center building as a permanent reminder-for generations to come-of those whose interest and generous support have made the new facility a reality. The donor wall will be inscribed with (1) the donor's name, (2) in memory of or (3) in honor of, as specified by the donor. All gifts may be paid over a one to five year period.




Hall of Famers                                                                                                 $1,000,000 and above

Legends                                                                                                           $500,000 - $999,000


Most Valuable Players                                                                                     $100,000 - $499,000


All Stars                                                                                                           $50,000 - $99,000


Champs                                                                                                           $25,000 - $49,999


Starters                                                                                                            $10,000 - $24,999


Fans                                                                                                                $5,000 - $9,999




In addition to the Donor Wall, a range of commemorative naming opportunities is available. The following is a list of possibilities.


Recreation Center Building                                $7,500,000


Gymnasium Lobby                                            $2,500,000


Basketball Court 1                                             $1,000,000


Basketball Court 2                                             $1,000,000


Basketball Court 3                                             $1,000,000


Basketball Court 4                                             $1,000,000


Scoreboards (4 available)                                  $500,000


Basketball Court Backboards (8 available)        $250,000


Director's Office                                                $100,000


Men's Locker Room                                         $50,000


Women's Locker Room                                     $50,000


For more information concerning naming opportunities, please contact the Budokan of Los Angeles campaign office (213) 473-1636. (Figures listed below are suggested gift values)


1. Amounts indicated do not necessarily reflect actual construction costs; rather, they are an indication of the memorial or tribute value. Donors will be offered a selection of commemorative naming opportunities based on the amount and date of their gift commitment. Individual naming opportunities require formal approval by Budokan & LTSC Board of Directors.

2. Additional naming opportunities will be identified when the project and program description details are made available.


What is a Budokan?

Budokan roughly translates as "martial arts hall" in Japanese. The name is derived from the Nippon Budokan, a large arena in Central Tokyo, Japan. The arena was originally constructed for judo competition during the 1964 Summer Olympics, but today serves as a multi-purpose facility that caters to sports, entertainment and other activities. Currently in the United States, there are numerous budokans which serve as multi-purpose centers for martial arts, team sports such as basketball and volleyball, community activities and other special events.

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